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In Stock, Universal, Great Value.

Delco Elevator Products Ltd. has always been a family owned and operated business.
Based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Delco uses its location strategically
to source and stock elevator products, ensuring that the right items arrive at the right time
to elevator contractors across the Canada, the Caribbean and the US.

From Torin machines to popular components, including roller guides, shackles, oil buffers, governors and door edges to a range of elevator parts, the company’s comprehensive product selection is one of the reasons that customers have been returning to Delco for decades.

Delco’s dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic team works diligently to provide exceptional service in five key areas:

  1. In Stock: To make sure that customers receive what they need, when they need it.
  2. Universal: Delco’s products are universal – perfect for modernizations.
  3. Compliant: Delco products and equipment are B44 and ASME compliant.
  4. Value for Money: In a highly competitive marketplace, Delco provides the best quality elevator equipment at the lowest possible prices.
  5. Personal, Knowledgeable Staff and Service: Always on hand to assist you with your unique requirements!

Keeping promises for over 45 years has seen the company rise to become Canada’s premier industry supplier – in fact, Delco currently supplies most of the country’s elevator contractors.

 In recent years, we’ve seen our business expand into many Spanish speaking locales. We’ve responded by making sure that we can provide customer service in either English or Spanish. Call us and put it to the test!


Delco is operated by a small, yet mighty, team! Along with founder Maike Marnet and president Anya Codack, Delco has a passionate team of fun and knowledgeable staff. Meet the company’s general manager Cindy Li, our sales rep Victor Ng, our logistics coordinator Alberto Jasso and our accountant Ken Yan!

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