Barricade Accesories

Accessorize your Delco barricades with additional safety products:

Heavy Metal Feet

Quickly attach the feet to the barricades to weigh them down for increased stabilization.

  • Each set of 3 requires 4 metal feet.
  • Double sets require 7 metal feet.
  • Weight: 4lbs (1.8 kg) each

Metal Feet Delco item #C-10-0100

Security Clamp

For applications that require attachments and clamping in public spaces

The security clamp is adjustable up to 4” (10cm).

Delco Elevator Barricade Models

42-Slim: 42” tall slim PVC frame

42-Black: 42” tall black frame

42-Stainless: 42” tall stainless frame

84-Stainless: 84” tall stainless frame

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